Screening and monitoring tool for veteran services

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Screening for veteran mental health wellbeing

With veterans at greater risk of distress and mental health issues, Give Me Five is an effective tool to detect warning signs ahead of time and prevent tragedies from occurring.

Organisational Overview

Timely intervention and crisis support

Early detection allows veteran services to take appropriate action and provide crisis support to participants going through a difficult time.

Stakeholder Reporting

Increased engagement through self-reporting

Research shows that self-reporting is effective and allows people to identify when they need help.

Identify a crisis before it’s too late

  • Screen for warning signs
  • Monitor behavior
  • Triage participants
  • Instant alerts
  • Provide targeted support

What our clients say

Our team at Work options are a current customer using the Give Me Five Application amongst some of our customers. It is a small price to pay and has a large gain in the long run in keeping any unfavorable claims at bay.

Karen Castledine

Managing Director - Work options

Our experience with Give Me Five in 2021 was the it provided helpful profiles of groups of students and of students individually and it really helped in providing targeted support and intervention. Through the screening we were able to identify several children with high/critical concerns that enabled us to take steps to early intervention.

Phil Houweling

Deputy Principal - Kelmscott John Calvin School

We found it has been useful as a key instigator for our counselors to isolate any issues troubling individuals before they escalate and become dire problems that could lead to someone harming themselves or others. The Give me five app has also helped secure data and help monitor ongoing issues amongst individuals.

Mirela Trifunovic

Accommodation Coordinator - Uniting Foyer Central

What are some challenges experienced by veterans?

Ex-serving personnel are likely to face unique challenges throughout their careers. In addition, being separated from a close workplace upon discharge can also lead to mental health issues.

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Behavioral or mental health concerns

Extraordinary demands of service life have an impact on the mental health wellbeing of veterans. Research shows that ex-serving males are more likely to self-report mental or behavioral conditions when given the right platform compared to those who have never served so they can get the help they need.

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Unemployment and homelessness issues

High veteran unemployment and homelessness are very real concerns. This is often caused by skills mismatch, poor health, underemployment and employer bias. Transitioning from military life can be difficult, but prolonged unemployment can deteriorate physical, mental and emotional health.

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Difficulty recovering from physical injuries

Veterans who have been severely injured in military life can find it difficult to recover physically and often mentally due to their traumatic experiences. They may struggle to return to mainstream society.


per participant per year

  • Configurable and clinically validated question banks
  • Unlimited surveys and campaigns
  • Response analysis
  • Participant alerts
  • Complete administration dashboard
  • Facilitation options available

How does Give Me Five help veteran support providers?

While their experiences are certainly more challenging, having access to support services, regular welfare checks and safety plans can make all the difference. This is where Give Me Five works to identify and help veteran support providers intervene with appropriate actions.

  • Regular monitoring

    Regular monitoring provides insight into which individuals are expressing concerns, allowing service providers to monitor and track their wellbeing regularly. This is an excellent benchmark to set up effective action plans that support long-term wellbeing.

  • Simple participant survey

    The survey is simple, with just 5 easy-to-answer questions. As a self-reporting tool, veterans will likely feel more comfortable answering honestly, which gives service providers better insights into their emotional and mental state.

  • Multiple data sources

    Apart from veterans, data can also be collected from stakeholders who have an interest in the veteran (a friend or family member) and combined with organizational data to provide a more holistic picture of where help is needed and how it can be most effective.

  • Data-based triaging and monitoring

    We provide detailed filtering, which will allow veteran support workers to categorize participants by risk level and respond appropriately. Veteran organizations are better equipped to prioritize resources and help where needed most.

  • Instant alerts

    Instant alerts when there is a critical risk will allow you to take important steps toward providing the right support at the right time, ultimately helping prevent tragic outcomes and improving veterans’ long-term mental health wellbeing.

  • Trend monitoring and analytics

    Continued exposure to traumatic situations can make it difficult for veterans to transition back to their normal lives after service. Regular monitoring can track their feelings at different times, making analyzing and understanding trends easier.

Give Me Five?

Over 2,500 participants to date

Give Me Five is a simple but powerful platform that has been adopted by hundreds of organizations and over 2,500 participants to date.

Tested in workplaces, schools and organizations worldwide

With an easy interface, the app has been successfully tested in different settings, including workplaces, schools and support organizations worldwide.

Clinically proven in peer-reviewed studies

Research has shown that self-reporting online has a higher success rate than a verbal exchange, which is another reason why Give Me Five has been successful.

About us

Give Me Five is a simple screening and monitoring tool that can be used to detect signs of veterans at risk beforehand, allowing veteran services organizations to intervene and provide timely crisis support and prevent issues such as suicide and self-harm. The app is very simple and easy to use. Organizations can detect problems beforehand as many veterans may feel more comfortable self-reporting through technology.

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