Mental health wellbeing screening and monitoring for schools and colleges

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Identify quality of care issues

Early warning

Give Me Five provides screening and monitoring that can help school staff understand when a student needs support and intervention.


Targeted support and intervention

Early identification and proactive action reduce the risk of a tragedy occurring in your school.


Regular checks

Give Me Five enables schools to conduct regular reviews of student mental health wellbeing to ensure that increased mental distress in a student is detected early.

Identify a crisis before it’s too late

  • Screen for warning signs
  • Monitor behavior
  • Triage participants
  • Instant alerts
  • Provide targeted support

What our clients say

Our team at Work options are a current customer using the Give Me Five Application amongst some of our customers. It is a small price to pay and has a large gain in the long run in keeping any unfavorable claims at bay.

Karen Castledine

Managing Director - Work options

Our experience with Give Me Five in 2021 was the it provided helpful profiles of groups of students and of students individually and it really helped in providing targeted support and intervention. Through the screening we were able to identify several children with high/critical concerns that enabled us to take steps to early intervention.

Phil Houweling

Deputy Principal - Kelmscott John Calvin School

We found it has been useful as a key instigator for our counselors to isolate any issues troubling individuals before they escalate and become dire problems that could lead to someone harming themselves or others. The Give me five app has also helped secure data and help monitor ongoing issues amongst individuals.

Mirela Trifunovic

Accommodation Coordinator - Uniting Foyer Central

Wellbeing concerns that Give Me Five can screen for in students

Screen for a range of mental and emotional wellbeing concerns in students. Give Me Five can also be used to monitor changes in behavior patterns that may indicate a deterioration in mental health wellbeing over time.

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Through 5 simple questions about mood and behavior, Give Me Five can help screen for signs of depression. In addition, the self-reporting feature allows students to identify if they’re in distress.

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Bullying and harassment

Detect signs of bullying and harassment in students with short questions addressing wellbeing and follow-up questions. The app provides a safe space for children to report threatening behavior from their peers.

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Violent behavior

Give Me Five helps to screen for violent behavior by assessing a student’s attitude towards violence. Additionally, integrated feedback from teachers and family help to identify students of concern.


per student per year

  • Configurable and clinically validated questions
  • Unlimited surveys and campaigns
  • Response analysis
  • Participant alerts
  • Complete administration dashboard

How does Give Me Five help schools and colleges?

Give Me Five helps schools identify wellbeing concerns in students before they become a crisis. Early identification and proactive action can reduce the risk of tragedy in your school by ensuring students get the support they need.

  • Regular mental health wellbeing checks and monitoring

    Give Me Five enables schools to conduct regular reviews of student wellbeing to ensure that increased emotional distress in a student is detected early. This allows for timely intervention and support for students, leading to better outcomes.

  • Easy-to-answer participant survey

    The Give Me Five survey is easy to understand and can be completed in five minutes or less. This eliminates the need for lengthy questionnaires and gives students an avenue to express their concerns safely.

  • Data collected from multiple sources

    The Give Me Five survey data can be supplemented with feedback from multiple sources, such as teachers and family members. Schools get a comprehensive view of student wellbeing and can make informed decisions about intervention strategies.

  • Triaging and risk assessment

    Give Me Five provides an objective view of student wellbeing, allowing for accurate triaging of at-risk students and assessing their risk level. Administrators can then prioritize resources and determine the appropriate intervention.

  • Instant alerts

    Give Me Five generates instant alerts when students are identified as at-risk. Potential crises are communicated early, facilitating swift action by school staff.

  • Monitoring and analysis

    Monitoring student behavior over time allows schools to track changes in wellbeing. This also provides data about a school’s overall performance for mental health wellbeing and allows staff to assess the effectiveness of their policies

Give Me Five?

Used by over 2,500 participants

Give Me Five is already being used by organizations across the globe. Our technology has proven to detect wellbeing concerns earlier so those at risk get the help they need.

Clinically proven in school settings

Give Me Five has been tested and validated in schools with good success, allowing administrators to accurately identify students who are at risk and in need of support.

Self-reporting for students

The self-reporting feature in Give Me Five allows students to communicate their concerns confidentially. This provides a safe space for children to express their anxiety and identify areas where they need support.

About us

Give Me Five is an early screening tool developed to identify and take action for long-term mental health wellbeing. Over 2,500 participants across the globe have used it and it has been clinically proven in school settings to detect at-risk students, allowing for the prioritization of resources and swift intervention. Dr Lisa Fahey, co-founder and clinical director of Give Me Five, was recognized for her outstanding contribution to psychological practice with an Order Of Australia Medal in the 2023 Australia Day honors list. Matthew Madaus, the co-founder of Give Me Five and long-time behavioral health expert, has dedicated his career to providing individuals with access to timely and appropriate care when in need.

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