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Engaged participants and stakeholders within an organization can be provided with simple survey questions that assess mental health wellbeing and other factors. Importantly, screening within the application takes the clinical ‘gold standard 360 or triangulated approach in seeking feedback from not only the individual but including key performance measures and surveys of their identified supports.



Give Me Five allows ongoing monitoring to assist organizations in detecting warning signs for issues matched to the wellbeing measures targeted in the selected question bank. Organizations can monitor symptoms of anxiety, depression, self-harm, aggression and suicide risk; along with participant experience of bullying or harassment. It also tracks strengths and protective factors as supports seek to build resilience and coping skills.



Participant data can be collated and triaged on risk level, allowing for timely and appropriate action to provide support and prevent harmful outcomes. 


Targeted Support

Individuals needing support can easily be identified and provided with the right support to promote mental and emotional wellness for the short and long term. 


Stakeholder Communication

Problems and warning signs can easily be communicated to stakeholders such as family, carers or managers to ensure a timely response. The reporting and information provided by the tool assists to fast track prioritized treatment and timely intervention.

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What is Give Me Five?

Give Me Five is a screening and monitoring app for support organizations, schools, colleges and workplaces. Through a brief set of questions, our software can help detect wellbeing challenges, giving organizations an opportunity to intervene and provide timely action and to support individuals before a tragedy occurs.

Fast and easy-to-use app for participants

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5 simple questions

The questions are simple to understand and target the core areas of mental health and wellbeing. Customized question banks have been clinically developed and validated for a range of target populations. Options for question development to address specific population needs are also available. 

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Emoticon-based responses

Our research has shown that icon-based responses encourage honesty, and the use of a standard familiar scale optimization supports responses from participants.

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Completed in under 5 minutes

The survey questions can be completed by participants and stakeholders in under 5 minutes and data is received by the organization in real time.

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Campaigns can be set up for one-time delivery or on a specified recurring basis such as monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the nature of your organization. Campaigns can be designed to meet the needs of each provider in terms of length of time, prompts and frequency.

Organizational Overview dashboard

Organizational Overview dashboard

Complete overview of wellbeing, risk and protective factors

The data collected by Give Me Five is extremely powerful as it can score concerns based on certain risk and protective factors. This information allows for timely and directed alerts to individual needs and responsive intervention, including automated ‘safety planning’.

Greater insight into individuals needing support

Once the data is collected and scored, services have a clear picture of each participant's needs or the ‘pulse’ of the cohort. This knowledge allows you to create an appropriate action or safety planning to help improve their environment and support wellbeing.

Monitor overall trends

Monitor organizational wellbeing over time with Give Me Five. You can see a cohort's responses to questions, as well as identify which programs and support measures you're taking are making an impact on improving mental health and wellbeing.

Why Give Me Five?

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Give Me Five promotes a culture of proactive identification of wellbeing and a ‘community of care’. The application provides timely insight into the emotional state of mind of respondents, empowering organizations with the right knowledge, so they can set up effective action and safety plans that ultimately promote long-term wellbeing. Organizations deploying Give Me Five signal to their employees and participants that they are motivated and invested in better understanding their needs and supports. Ultimately, a commitment to prevention guides an organization towards achieving quality, sustainability, integrity and mission.

Simple and easy to complete within 5 minutes

Give Me Five is designed to be simple so that it can be accessed by people of all skill levels without any difficulty. The clinically validated questions are easy to comprehend and can be completed in 5 minutes or less, which is appealing to many respondents. Give Me Five is not an assessment or a diagnostic tool, but a screener designed to support practical awareness and intervention.

Allows people the comfort of self-reporting

Respondents often feel more comfortable self-reporting through an app rather than having a verbal discussion, which is one of the reasons why it is so effective. Many of our clients have found response rates to surveys are above 70%

Greater visibility of risk to target responses

Our reporting system features a detailed filtering capacity to review risk across all participants and drill down between critical, high, moderate and low risks. The risk ranking system can be matched to the target question bank and linked to validation measurement over time. This allows administrators to prioritize resources and determine appropriate support.

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