Mental health wellbeing screening and monitoring for employers

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Screen and monitor for wellbeing issues

Through 5 simple questions, Give Me Five can help detect workplace wellbeing issues faced by employees, giving organizations an opportunity to intervene and provide timely action and support.

Self-Reporting (2)

Deliver timely support

When an employee or team member needs help, Give Me Five’s reporting system and scoring technology can provide valuable insights into the emotional and mental state of the individual so that organizations can respond promptly with appropriate action.

Stakeholder Reporting (2)

Improved productivity and morale

Give Me Five enables employers to identify mental health issues early and provide timely support that can help improve the overall wellbeing of their employees. This, in turn, leads to improved productivity and morale among employees.

Identify a crisis before it’s too late

  • Screen for warning signs
  • Monitor behavior
  • Triage respondents
  • Instant alerts
  • Provide targeted support

What our clients say

Our team at Work options are a current customer using the Give Me Five Application amongst some of our customers. It is a small price to pay and has a large gain in the long run in keeping any unfavorable claims at bay.

Karen Castledine

Managing Director - Work options

Our experience with Give Me Five in 2021 was the it provided helpful profiles of groups of students and of students individually and it really helped in providing targeted support and intervention. Through the screening we were able to identify several children with high/critical concerns that enabled us to take steps to early intervention.

Phil Houweling

Deputy Principal - Kelmscott John Calvin School

We found it has been useful as a key instigator for our counselors to isolate any issues troubling individuals before they escalate and become dire problems that could lead to someone harming themselves or others. The Give me five app has also helped secure data and help monitor ongoing issues amongst individuals.

Mirela Trifunovic

Accommodation Coordinator - Uniting Foyer Central

Factors that Give Me Five can screen for in your workplace

Give Me Five can screen for different warning signs and behaviors that may indicate a potential crisis.

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Job satisfaction

By measuring employees’ engagement and commitment levels, Give Me Five can detect dissatisfaction early to help organizations improve their work environment. Through Give Me Five, businesses have a better chance of creating a satisfied workforce that will ensure long-term success.

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Mood and anxiety

Give Me Five can detect and monitor changes in mood, cognitive ability, coping skills, and anxiety levels. This helps organizations intervene quickly to provide timely support and prevent crisis situations.

3 (6)

Unacceptable behavior

Give Me Five can screen for unacceptable behavior by monitoring responses around verbal abuse, harassment and bullying. It can detect changes in attitude and provide insights to help organizations take necessary action.


per participant per year

  • Configurable and clinically validated question banks
  • Unlimited surveys and campaigns
  • Response analysis
  • Participant alerts
  • Complete administration dashboard

How Give Me Five makes a difference to workplaces

Give Me Five helps workplaces create a safe and healthy environment, allowing for early detection of mental health issues and providing timely interventions.

  • Identifies issues that impact staff and productivity

    Give Me Five helps to identify issues that can affect staff morale and productivity, such as anxiety, job satisfaction, inclusiveness, mood and behavior.

  • Provides an overview of workplace culture

    Give Me Five provides insights into the culture of a workplace so quick action can be taken where necessary to create a more positive work environment.

  • Early identification of particular needs

    Give Me Five helps organizations identify particular needs early on through 5 simple questions, providing insights into various wellbeing issues.

  • Safe, private way to seek help

    Give Me Five allows employees to ask for support directly as part of the survey campaigns. Our research has shown that people in emotional distress frequently take advantage of an opportunity to speak up like this.

  • Detailed reporting

    Detailed reporting from Give Me Five combines self-reported data with stakeholder and organization-level insights. Organizations gain a deeper understanding of wellbeing issues and the workplace culture in general.

  • Measures to improve the situation

    As Give Me Five is able to provide a better understanding of workplace issues, employers can identify and address problems quickly and take initiatives to promote wellbeing.

Does Give Me Five improve mental health wellbeing?

Over 2,500 participants to date

Give Me Five has been validated through use by thousands of individuals in a number of situations to ensure its accuracy as a screening and monitoring tool.

Tested in workplaces, schools and organizations worldwide

Our clients include schools, children’s services providers, workplaces and veteran support services, confirming that Give Me Five suits a wide range of organizations.

About us

Give Me Five is a mental health screening and monitoring app to help organizations identify, monitor and address mental health wellbeing issues. Founded by Dr Lisa Fahey and Brendan Fahey, the app has been validated with thousands of participants worldwide using it to date. Clinically proven results confirm that Give Me Five helps organizations develop effective interventions for improving long-term mental health.

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