Wellbeing screening and monitoring for disability services

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Monitors participant wellbeing

Monitors participant wellbeing

Monitor participant wellbeing through five clinically validated questions covering health, mood, relationships, independence and participation. These questions are shaped and customized to reflect the cohort’s needs, capacity and facilitation support.

Identify quality of care issues

Identify quality of care issues

Through self-reporting, participants can share details of the quality of care they receive, providing better insights to disability services. The survey of stakeholders also adds a perspective from carers and guardians or persons responsible. The participant check-in and stakeholder survey are also matched with performance data around incidents, restrictive practices or medication or health supports, to provide a comprehensive picture of the client’s wellbeing.

Funded by NDIS

Funded by NDIS

NDIS Assistive Technology Funding subscription can be used to cover the cost of Give Me Five for a participant, making the facilitated implementation of the package cost-neutral in many situations. Importantly, implementing the Disability Give Me Five wellbeing and feedback application directly assists providers in meeting the accreditation audit standards under NDIS.

Identify a crisis before it’s too late

  • Directly engage participants in feedback related to their care experience
  • Screen for warning signs
  • Monitor behavior
  • Triage participants
  • Instant alerts
  • Provide targeted support
  • Assess progress toward provider KPIs related to client care
  • Build carer and stakeholder awareness of quality in care standards

What our clients say

Our team at Work options are a current customer using the Give Me Five Application amongst some of our customers. It is a small price to pay and has a large gain in the long run in keeping any unfavorable claims at bay.

Karen Castledine

Managing Director - Work options

Our experience with Give Me Five in 2021 was the it provided helpful profiles of groups of students and of students individually and it really helped in providing targeted support and intervention. Through the screening we were able to identify several children with high/critical concerns that enabled us to take steps to early intervention.

Phil Houweling

Deputy Principal - Kelmscott John Calvin School

We found it has been useful as a key instigator for our counselors to isolate any issues troubling individuals before they escalate and become dire problems that could lead to someone harming themselves or others. The Give me five app has also helped secure data and help monitor ongoing issues amongst individuals.

Mirela Trifunovic

Accommodation Coordinator - Uniting Foyer Central

Give Me Five helps disability service providers screen and monitor wellbeing concerns

Give Me Five is a screening app, helping assess and monitor participant care experience proactively, so disability service providers have the opportunity to intervene and provide timely action to better support participants.

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Track participant quality of life

Give Me Five offers a practical platform to monitor the implementation and participant experience of services to ensure they are optimizing key aspects underpinning quality of life. It gives providers the ability to track these signs in an ongoing manner so your organization can put support measures in place to protect participants and improve their overall wellbeing.

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Monitor for inadequate care

Appropriate care is crucial to ensure the wellbeing of people with a disability. Give Me Five allows participants and stakeholders to voice any concerns regarding their care so quick and timely action can be taken to make effective changes and deliver a higher standard of care that participants deserve.

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Identify anxiety and depression

Participants often require targeted support to live their best life and can be vulnerable to issues such as stress, anxiety and depression, as a result. Give Me Five recognizes these challenges and provides the first plank of screening and intervention to help organizations allocate resources and intervene appropriately.


per participant per year

  • Configurable and clinically validated question banks
  • Unlimited surveys and campaigns
  • Response analysis
  • Participant alerts
  • Complete administration dashboard
  • Additional facilitation options available

How does Give Me Five help disability services?

Give Me Five works by sending out 5 survey questions to participants as part of a campaign. The questions can be configured and are designed to help screen for key measures of the individual’s quality of life so disability services have the opportunity to provide timely action and support participants more effectively.

  • Regular monitoring of participant wellbeing

    One of the most important things for disability services is to keep track of participant direct experience and their overall wellbeing to ensure they are getting the care they need. Give Me Five is a simple, low-cost, independent way to monitor and screen for any issues.

  • Improved feedback through self-reporting

    Participants have a safe space to self-report their feelings and experience. Independent facilitation is also available as an extension to the package to assist with timely returns and reporting.

  • Incorporates stakeholder and family feedback

    The data can be collected through multiple sources, including self-reports, stakeholder reports and organizational data. This gives providers a complete overview of participants and their experience so appropriate action can be taken.

  • Meet NDIS audit and accreditation requirements

    Through regular participant, stakeholder and family reporting, Give Me Five helps ensure your organization provides adequate care to clients, helping to meet ongoing NDIS audit and accreditation requirements.

  • Triage and risk assessment

    Get greater insights on each participant, which enables improved wellbeing checks and more appropriate initiatives undertaken to improve the environment.

  • Full insights into risk levels

    A simple set of survey questions can underline different risk profiles, whether critical, high, moderate or low. Being able to break this down further gives disability service providers more knowledge and allows them to make effective changes.

Give Me Five?

Used by over 2,500+ participants to date

Over 2,500 participants from a range of organizations have already used Give Me Five and many have reported great success.

Tested in workplaces, schools and organizations worldwide

Give Me Five has been implemented in multiple settings, including workplaces, support organizations and schools around the world.

Clinically proven results

Our research has shown that simple questions on the Give Me Five app elicit honest responses and participants are happy to have their voices heard in this way.

About us

Give Me Five is a screening and monitoring app that is particularly useful for disability service providers to monitor a participant’s direct experience, wellbeing challenges and provide the right support where needed. Through 5 simple questions, you’ll be able to collect critical data that can be used to improve the overall environment and promote a high-quality participant experience.

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