Case Studies

Kelmscott John Calvin School

The Kelmscott John Calvin School is a primary school based in Champion Lakes, Western Australia.

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The school was taking the wellbeing of children seriously as it was aware of the impact both on school performance and social connectedness. Issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and bullying are recognized as prevalent among the experience of primary school children. The school was keen to identify and respond to these needs before something serious happened and approached Give Me Five.


The school used Give Me Five to create a basic wellbeing survey campaign that was used by a pool of students. This helped to gain a deeper understanding of each student and their situation. Several children with high/critical concerns were identified through the campaign and received timely and appropriate support through the school's established resources.


Give Me Five has enabled the school to effectively monitor students’ mental health and wellbeing. Once concerns were identified, the school was in a stronger position to provide early targeted intervention, develop a school improvement plan and prevent further issues. The school intends to continue using Give Me Five, backed by strong support from parents.

Foyer Central/Uniting Care

Foyer Central, in Chippendale, NSW, is a purpose-built 53-studio apartment block, designed to provide safe housing for young people who have lived in out-of-home care.

Foyer CentralUniting Care


Youth leaving out-of-home care are vulnerable due to their situation and can experience issues such as mental and physical concerns, lack of social support and poor educational outcomes.


Together with Give Me Five, Foyer Central/Uniting Care customized a series of welfare-oriented survey questions that were sent to the young people residing in the community to identify mental health wellbeing challenges and behavioral concerns amongst them.


The campaign has so far been successful. Foyer Central/Uniting Care has found Give Me Five to be extremely useful as a key instigator for counselors to isolate issues troubling individuals before they escalate, resulting in self-harm or violence towards others. It is also helping them monitor ongoing issues amongst the cohort.

Work Options

Based in North Sydney, NSW, Work Options is a workforce health organization focused on keeping people safe at work and protecting companies from workplace accident costs.



Many companies were facing issues regarding the mental health wellbeing of staff, which was affecting productivity and leading to higher-than-usual workplace compensation claims. To reduce the volume of claims, Give Me Five was used to monitor employee wellbeing and provide assistance where needed for positive outcomes.


Once the training and onboarding were complete, Work Options was able to create customized welfare survey questions tailored to the needs of each company it works with. By identifying warning signs beforehand, the company has been able to save money and time on future claims.


Give Me Five was able to recognize mental health wellbeing issues in workplaces and helped create a plan for employees. As an EAP, Work Options has found Give Me Five highly effective in saving money and preventing severe outcomes. The company continues to use the app for new and existing customers.

What our clients say

Our team at Work options are a current customer using the Give Me Five Application amongst some of our customers. It is a small price to pay and has a large gain in the long run in keeping any unfavorable claims at bay.

Karen Castledine

Managing Director - Work options

Our experience with Give Me Five in 2021 was the it provided helpful profiles of groups of students and of students individually and it really helped in providing targeted support and intervention. Through the screening we were able to identify several children with high/critical concerns that enabled us to take steps to early intervention.

Phil Houweling

Deputy Principal - Kelmscott John Calvin School

We found it has been useful as a key instigator for our counselors to isolate any issues troubling individuals before they escalate and become dire problems that could lead to someone harming themselves or others. The Give me five app has also helped secure data and help monitor ongoing issues amongst individuals.

Mirela Trifunovic

Accommodation Coordinator - Uniting Foyer Central

Does Give Me Five improve mental health wellbeing?

Over 2,500 participants to date

With over 2,500 participants to date, a growing list of organizations are using Give Me Five to focus on mental health wellbeing and improve internal environments.

Tested in workplaces, schools and organizations worldwide

Give Me Five has been tested in schools, workplaces and support organizations worldwide with great success already.

About us

Give Me Five is proud of its success. We have over 2,500 participants with a 70% or higher response rate within organizations. One of the reasons why we have such high uptake is because questions are simple, easy and focused on a person’s state of mind and emotions. Ultimately, an organization is empowered with valuable participant insights, which they can use to take corrective action and improve the environment.

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