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Give Me Five is an early identification screening tool for schools, colleges, workplaces and support services, helping them identify and take appropriate action to ensure long-term mental wellbeing. With over 2,500 participants to date, our app is used extensively across a number of organizations already, including veteran’s services, children’s services, mental health facilities, NDIS services, workplaces, aged care facilities, emergency services and acute care environments.

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Brendan Fahey

Founder & Executive Chairman

Brendan Fahey is a founder of Obviate/Give Me Five and identified the need for the provision of mental health and wellbeing services to be adapted to focus more on early identification and intervention through proactive screening.

Brendan has over 30 years of experience in the human services industry, having worked closely with Lisa as a leading provider of technology and services to the industry. Brendan specializes in identifying opportunities to create technology products where there is a market need within the sector and successfully bringing these products to market.

Dr Lisa Fahey OAM

Dr Lisa Fahey OAM

Founder & Clinical Director

Dr Lisa Fahey is a founder of Give Me Five and is a strategic therapeutic planning expert working with care providers and their customers. She has an extensive understanding of holistic care and has spearheaded the creation of four specialist companies dedicated to helping care providers improve their quality of care.

Through her experience in clinical and programming consultation, development of work-based competencies and assessment tools and more, she and the team have been able to build Give Me Five from the ground up. Dr Fahey was recognized for her outstanding contribution to psychological practice with an Order Of Australia Medal in the 2023 Australia Day honors list.


Phil Dymock

Co-Founding Partner & Executive Director

Phil has over 10 years of experience in developing go-to-market and growth strategies for technology within the human services sector.

Prior to that, Phil worked in corporate finance, implementing growth strategies and capital strategies to support fast-growing companies in Australia and USA.

Who is Give Me Five for?

Give Me Five is a tool for schools, workplaces, recreational programs, outpatient or acute care, specialist support organizations and residential care services, helping identify behavioral and mental health wellbeing concerns, such as bullying, anxiety, relationship distress and depression before they manifest into more serious issues.

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Schools and children's services

The demand for targeted wellbeing monitoring, prevention and intervention for children and youth has continued to require schools and other agencies to invest in innovative solutions. Give Me Five has successfully pioneered technology for schools, producing a low-cost, accessible option to promote mental health literacy and a safe ‘community of care.’

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NDIS and disability service providers

Give Me Five helps ensure that clients and participants of disability services receive the care they deserve. With regular monitoring and integration with reporting from family and carers, Give Me Five can help identify participants who need further or more intensive support while providing independent Quality of Life feedback to support planning and quality of care monitoring.

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Mental health services, aged care and acute care supports

For mental health, aged care and acute care providers, quality of care is paramount, along with ensuring the monitoring of a participants' psychological wellbeing. Give Me Five can help to detect warning signs early so that appropriate action can be taken to improve the situation for individuals and the cohort. Give Me Five also offers both a preventative and first line intervention option for providers in a low-cost and efficient application.

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Workplaces and Employee Assitance Programs

Current legislation now demands that employers demonstrate how they proactively monitor and respond to employee wellbeing. Give Me Five offers a flexible and customized question bank to meet the needs and culture of each employment setting. Give Me Five has been used effectively by businesses and EAP providers to ensure timely and confidential 360 check-ins for workplace participants.

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